Thursday, May 14, 2015

Keep it in front of you

In an attempt to make Truth-grazing a little easier, I've made some organizational changes in my day.

Usually all my reading and "quiet time" books (Bible, devotional, Scripture memorization spiral...) reside on my night stand. However, I was finding that since I spend most of the day downstairs away from my bedroom, I was not easily picking up Scripture.

So I've moved my Scripture memorization spiral to the same spot in the kitchen where I keep my weekly to-do list.

It's made a BIG difference for me! I rely on that to-do list all day long. Now I can't help but be reminded of the Scripture I'm working on! Cleaning up the kitchen, preparing a meal, crossing items off my list... I encounter Truth every time to do those things.

Another thing that has helped me is this little accordion folder where I keep note cards with significant verses or reminders.  These may be quotes from some of the books or devotionals I've read, or they may be specific Bible verses that have struck me and are good reminders to think Truth and do Right.

Usually this folder stays on my nightstand, but a particular card can be pulled out and carried with me or placed downstairs if I want to make it part of my day.

What kinds of things do YOU do to keep Truth in front of you?

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