Thursday, October 23, 2014

Give me Jesus...

More & more I become convinced that the only way to succeed at anything is to think of myself less.

Marriage: It really doesn't matter if I write a million love letters, send flowers, singing telegrams and balloon bouquets every day of my life. If I wake up every day and think my world revolves around me, my marriage will fail.
Parenting: I can buy every educational toy, sign my daughter up for every activity and help her learn everything there is to learn. But if I am doing it to make MY name great, I will lose her.
Friendships: I can spend quality time, make phone calls, send cards, attend coffee dates, but if my heart is set on what it will get ME, I will be a miserable excuse of a friend.

If my desire to eat healthily becomes the entire focus of my day and it's not about a pursuit of obedience to my Maker, I've missed the mark. I've still made it all about me. I have to have Jesus. That's all there is to it.
I have to wake up every morning begging for more of Him.
More grace. More patience. More kindness. More Spirit-driven obedience.
Nothing good in my life will come on my own volition.
I need Him.

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