Monday, October 6, 2014

This week's goals

I've been looking at the website for "Thin Within". It's a Christian, grace-based approach to eating. It promotes eating when truly hungry & stopping at satisfied, not stuffed. They use the lingo: 0-5.

This is a challenging concept for me: waiting until my hunger is a zero. Truly, really, biologically hungry. Not bored. Not watching the clock and eating because "it's lunch time". Not "in the mood" to snack. Truly hungry. A zero on the hunger scale.  And then when I am a zero, stopping at 5--not 10. Not continuing to eat just because it's there. Not cleaning my plate because it needs to be cleaned.Stopping because my body is satisfied, whether my emotions are or not.

My goal today is to pay attention to being at zero and five.

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