Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Numbers, numbers, numbers....

Numbers make me obsessed.
Or maybe it's more accurate to say: I obsess over numbers. It's so easy to do too!
Calories eaten: Too much? Too little?
Macronutrients: Enough? Not enough?
Calories burned: Which activities will burn the most?  Have I burned "enough"?
Steps taken: Have I reached the standard 10,000/day?
Weight: it is above or below my highest weight? Is it close to my goal? How close am I to my goal?

The numbers & questions are ENDLESS.

My New Year's Resolution always has a number attached. But if I embrace the intuitive eating approach, how can I create a goal that is not numerical?

 What goal is there if it's not weight related?
Do I know who I am or where I'm headed if there's no number attached?
How will I know when I've made it to the finish line if the finish line isn't a number?

It's scary how I've let me identity be so wrapped up in these numbers.
But aren't I more than a number?
Are we all more than a number? 

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