Friday, September 19, 2014

For my daughter...

One of the first fears I felt when I learned the baby I was carrying was a girl was "what if I pass on my food issues to her!?"  It never crossed my mind when I thought I was having a boy.

Each day I question myself:
"Does she know she's perfect the way she is?"
"Do my words speak life & grace into her?"
"Is she learning to be critical and self-deprecating instead of confident & grateful?"

Will it find her? That angry, dark voice that criticizes my thighs and reprimands me for wanting french fries? The eyes that are always sizing up the other females in a room and comparing the ways I fail to measure up... will those eyes turn towards my daughter?

See this curl? This perfectly formed, sweet spiral appears on her beautiful little head every morning. I can't make it do that. It's exactly the kind of spiral I always wanted on my own head, but it never happened.

It's a grace-reminder to me. This little girl is exactly what her Creator made her to be.

And so am I.

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