Thursday, September 25, 2014

No more scale!?!

I'll be honest, the number on that scale defines me. Or maybe, more accurately, it defines my self-esteem. It quantifies the type of day I'm going to have: will I be relieved? Will I be anxious? Am I going to spend the rest of the day hating myself?  And I  know I'm not the only one who does this.  I was stunned to read this article in which Geneen Roth admits that she's been known to weigh herself 10-20 times a day when battling a stomach bug just for the sheer joy of seeing the lower numbers. I had no idea someone else does that too!

Here's the thing though: if the scale tells me I'm 5 lbs. lighter, I was already that new weight even before I knew it. Being happier, feeling lighter and more energetic was always the possibility but I choose that reaction because I now see a number to support it.  So, what if I let other cues determine how I'm feeling rather than a number on a machine (especially a machine that can be wrong, can break, etc.)?
What if I let how my clothes feel tell my clothes feel?
What if I let how my body is working and responding tell me how energetic I am?
What if I found joy in a walk outside, holding my husband's hand, reading to my three-year-old?
What if my self-worth was grounded in my Savior's grace and lovingkindness in saving me?
What if that bathroom scale went in the trash?

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